heroes are among us

Last night, I watched The Avengers for the first time.

At first, I was depressed when I realized that Batman couldn't be an Avenger because he isn't from Marvel comics. But I got over it. Eventually.

Actually, I didn't give Batman a second thought once the movie started. Sometimes, I'm not a very faithful fan.

Iron Man redeemed himself in my eyes (after  him being such a jerk on the Iron Man movies). Plus, he was good comedy relief.

Captain America was as awesome as ever.

Thor grew on me...a little.

Hulk was big. And green.

Black Widow had some very cool moves. One of my favorite scenes was when she bashed her way out of an interrogation session...while tied to a chair.

Hawkeye was very cool. It wasn't his fault that he was working for the bad guy for the first three quarters of the movie.

After watching a superhero movie, does anyone find themselves silently wishing that there really were superheroes? I was thinking about that last night. And I was reminded of something.

We do have heroes in this world...all around us, every day. Maybe they don't have super powers. But they have courage. Conviction. Strong spirits. Resolve.

You see, a true hero never has his life taken. He chooses to lay it down for the good of others.

Keep your eyes open. They are among us.


Kelsie said...

I love this movie! I'm a super addict, I really am.

Batman is part of the Justice League of America, and I think they have plans to make a JLA movie at some point. But they have to do more individual DC character movies before they can do the combined movie...

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Papa T said...

Son Michael, who works at Atomic Fiction doing animation and special effects did some of the train scene in the movie when the black widow was fighting the Russians. He had to change the markings on the trains to Russian and on one of the cars he put my name and birthday in Russian. Unfortunately they sped up the train so fast you cannot see it. He also worked on the first Ironman (did the rocket launch out of his wrist that blew up the tank in one of the first parts of the movie and trailer). We see a lot of adventure/action movies and stay to watch the credits to see his name. Lots of fun. Waiting for the next one :)

Marv said...

I think they are superheroes among us. Sometimes they are blend so well into the personal landscape that we don't know who there are or that they are they. They can be Fathers, Mothers, people who care, people do anonymous service..They could be you...they could be me.

Elfena said...

Cool blog!What about following each other?

Mitha Komala said...

ironman and hulk have always been my favorites! love love xx

Letters To Juliet

Kelsie said...

Hey, Celia, did you get Scotty McCreery's Christmas cd? I got it last night and am really enjoying it. I love Christmas time!


I'm just not a fan of super hero movies :(

Do you have bloglovin so we can follow each other? Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


Cailin said...

I love superheroes, and sometimes wish they were real too. Then I remember that where there is a superhero, there is usually an evil villian.

AnnTan said...

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Laurel ♥ said...

This movie looks on great . Quite probably that I will watch soon this movie ;) I fallow you :P

AnnTan said...

hi celia! tumblr works pretty well! there is no limitations for your photo uploading! its great! you can try it out!

AnnTan said...

haha! we can go on and on leaving comments for each other! ahaha
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RaeAbigael said...

This movie is very interesting though if you'll compare it with The Hunger Games, I'll choose the Hunger Games! Because they were both shown almost at the same so.. yeah. haha :)) anyway, I hope you can visit my blog too and follow if you like it!

Rae :3
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