thoughts on tea

To me, tea is a very refined drink. "Stop in for a cup of tea?" somehow sounds classier than "Have coffee with me?" 

Mr. Brown: "Milk in your tea, Aunt Adelaide?"
Aunt Adelaide, looking shocked: "No, certainly not! Most unhealthy stuff."
Mr. Brown: "Sugar?"
Aunt Adelaide, looking very dignified: "Yes, six please."
~From Nanny McPhee, the movie

I had a cup of tea this evening. I deliberated for a very long time about which flavor I wanted. I couldn't decide between Perfect Peach or French Vanilla. It was a terribly hard decision.

As you can see from the pictures, I didn't have either of them. I noticed that the box of Perfect Peach contained a BONUS tea bag- Wild Blueberry with Acai. I thought it sounded rather exotic and exciting, so I picked that one.

It came out a rather lovely color. It doesn't exactly look like blueberries though.

I think it's funny that the tea packets direct the consumer to PLEASE TEAR HERE. What would happen if I tore it down the side? Across the bottom? I'll have to try it sometime. It could be one of my bucket list items. I could entitle it, Open a tea packet the wrong way and still live happily ever after.

By the way, a cup of tea is extra enjoyable when you are watching a Jane Austen film. Sense and Sensibility is on right now. I suppose I should have spelled flavor "flavour" and color "colour".

Why do British spellings look so much better than American ones?


AnnTan said...

why hi! thanks soo much for your lovely comment. yours are much more creative! appregious! who would have tot of that! by the way i didnt know tea had caffeine!
i'm your new follower! hope you follow me back too!

Ellie Mae said...

I love that tea! So yummy! Also, on the note of English spelling, when I was little and learning to write and spell, I had a habit of spelling things the English way. My mom always said it was wrong but I eventually found out the truth! :)

Kelsie said...

I tend to spell things the British way and then have to change it. It looks so much more... right or something.

I love tea. My favorite is Plantation Mint - when you are boiling it the entire house starts to smell wonderfully minty and it's just delightful! :)

Which Sense and Sensibility are you watching? The 2007 is maybe my favorite Jane Austen movie!

Marv said...

Wondering what would happen if you tore the tea bag differently than instructed - love that spirit..to follow a path just to see where it ends. You will go far in this world, and even if you don't, I bet you'll be caught enjoying the journey.