interesting things I have done recently

Drinking Starbucks frappes. Several. Sometimes, they are necessary for survival or recovery.

Updating my resumé. Hours and hours of labor. By the time I was finished, my eyes were glazed over and my tongue was hanging out. Well, not really. But I could've looked like that if I wanted to.

Doing sit-ups at 2:13AM. That was this morning, after watching Batman Begins. Watching Batman does strange and wonderful things to the viewer.

Drawing a cartoon tree. It was purple. With pink clouds in the sky, hanging down on strings. It was beautiful.

Shoveling rather large amounts of snow off the driveway. I don't have any comments about that.

Watching the 1984 version of The Karate Kid. I really liked it. The only thing I didn't like was the music. It was pretty bad.

Wrapping Christmas presents. It takes me a very long time. That is because I am a afflicted with a strange disease called Artistic Perfectionism. I'm hoping that I'll grow out of it.


Marv said...

Artistic perfectionism ...heard of it. Don't think I ever caught it though.
Hope you have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2013.

Papa T said...

Wow, you sure have been busy. It would be really nice to see a picture of that cartoon tree, it sounds interesting. Wishing you and the family a very blessed Christmas. Please get some rest, 2:13 a.m. sit-ups !

covnitkepr1 said...

Just checking back for any new items you may have posted.
I left a note of invitation in the comment section on one of your past posts’ and invited you to follow my blog. Just in case it was accidently overlooked, just want you to know the invitation is still very much valid…and of course, I am already following your blog.
P.S. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Marv said...

I think I am in...one of your followers and an email sub as well.

Have a great New Year...