Of Christmas trees, ghostly snow and The Hobbit

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I did.

A couple days before Christmas, we went Christmas tree hunting. It is a very important annual affair. We load up into the truck, drive to a local tree farm, pile out, and hunt. We each have a different idea of the ideal tree, but we're usually able to reach a compromise. I can't imagine not having a real tree for Christmas. The smell...needles on the floor...the fresh green...knobby wood.

Last night, we got a rather decent load of snow. Around ten o'clock, when most of the family had gone to bed, older sis and I closed our laptops, threw on some winter boots, and burst out into the beautiful white fluff. The air was freezing and I gasped for breath as I ran. There was a ghostly white glow all around, the silence only broken by our laughter...

This afternoon, I saw The Hobbit in the theater. I haven't been to the theater for awhile, so I'd forgotten how it felt. The first thing that hit me was the VOLUME. Are the American people becoming deaf?

Also, I found that the previews shown before PG-13 movies are pretty bad. Let's all just cover our eyes. No one needs to see this stuff. Seriously. Plus, my extremely expensive, unhealthy snack was practically gone before the movie even started.

All that said, the movie was excellent. The almost-3-hours flew by amazingly fast. I didn't jump, scream or cover my eyes, but I squished back into my seat during the very brief appearance of the giant spiders. I really, really don't do well with spiders. And when they're twenty times bigger than normal, forget it.

So, dear readers, did you see The Hobbit? Any thoughts on the movie....or the movie theater experience in general?


Marv said...

Have not seen the movie yet, but I probably will.

However, I have done the natural Christmas tree thing. We once did it before every Christmas. It was special. We went out in the woods near hear and picked one out, together as a family. Things changed and now we have a perfectly manicured semblance of a real tree; yes, fast, easy to put up, no mess - yet, somehow incomplete.

Kelsie said...

I absolutely loved The Hobbit! LotR are my favorite movies, so I may have been slightly biased going it, though... ;)