Frozen toothpaste and Tinker bell pants

Yesterday morning, I got out of bed and remembered that I had forgotten to take a bag out of the truck after a long road trip. It had very necessary things in it like toothpaste and hairbrushes and my favorite mechanical pencil.

So I threw on a coat over my yellow t-shirt and Tinker bell pajama pants, and burst out into the fresh air. It was cold. Really, really cold. Like you can see your breath but you can barely breathe kind of cold. I realized afterwards that it was about -7ºF with windchill.

I scouted around inside the truck and saw no sign of the missing bag, so I went around and opened the back of the bed. Sure enough, there it was, a black snakeskin bag, shoved all the way up against the cab.

You see, we have a black cover over the truck bed that flips back in sections towards the cab. It is fastened down by spring-loaded hooks. It was very cold. I know I already said that, but I think it is very important because my fingers didn't work like they usually do. I crawled up onto the tail hatch and, with much difficulty, undid the cover.

I hoped fervently that none of the neighbors were watching. It's very hard to be dignified when you're crawling around in a truck bed in the arctic air, wearing fuzzy Tinker bell pants, with mascara smudged under your eyes.

I retrieved the aforementioned black bag and, with more difficulty, fastened down the cover and closed the tail hatch. I got nasty sludgy stuff all over my coat because the truck was very dirty as a result of the road trip.

When I got inside, I discovered a very, very frosty tube of toothpaste and a bag of frozen solid baby wipes. It was rather fascinating. I brushed my teeth with the frosty toothpaste and it actually didn't feel too bad.

I wonder if anyone stores their toothpaste in the freezer. Do you? Perhaps it would extend the shelf life or something like that.

I should market the idea. Freeze Your Toothpaste and Get a Taste of The Arctic, While Extending the Shelf-Life of Your Product.

It's nice to be back. You missed me, right?


Papa T said...

I smile as I see the picture that you described as you worked through the process of getting into the truck to find your bad. Trust that you enjoyed your time at the Ranch and look forward to reading about it here. Welcome back.

Jolie said...

Soooooooo I've been stalking your blog lately but never have time to comment.
This is me, making time to comment.
Ha, I love your posts. I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal just to brush your teeth...geez! I'm just glad to be inside a warm cozy house right now. ;)