a lesson in love

In this picture, two of our cats, Amos and Esther, were residing on the same bed (practically a miracle).

Amos is a fluffy orange cat. He has the heart of a lion but would never hurt a fly. However, he does eat spiders. I support anything that depletes the population of spiders. He likes practically anyone and especially loves rubbing against people who are wearing black clothes.

Esther is a grey and tan tabby. She is eternally dignified and elegant, and firmly believes that she is the queen of her domain. She is usually disgusted by Amos and loathes Milo (our other orange cat). She is nice, but hard to understand.

Amos, upon entering the room where Esther was sitting elegantly, jumped up on the bed with great gusto (he does everything with gusto). Esther, surprised and deeply offended, hissed nastily in his face.

Then, it happened.

Amos tenderly licked her on the forehead exactly three times.

I snapped the above picture right after the incident. Esther, as you can see, is still looking rather annoyed and Amos looks...thoughtful.

Some people say that cats are cold, heartless creatures that look down on the world around them. I disagree. What about you?


Marv said...

I have had cats most of my life and I have to disagree with you on this one.

No mistake, I love cats, but I have my doubts they love you back. To me loving a cat is like loving someone faults and all; loving them, in spite of their, "I am the world" viewpoint. Just my view.

Papa T said...

We don't have any cats (I took care of them at the U of R for a summer job and changed enough kitty litter for a lifetime) but our neighbors have two that visit regularly. I believe that they love the treats and the back scratching that they get more than the person giving them. I also watch them hunt our yard and adjoining fields and would not like them hunting me.