snapshots from my day

These are, as the title suggests, snapshots from my day. In case you didn't know or didn't remember, I'm a nanny. That might account for some of the pictures.

These are M&Ms. You probably figured that out. They were dark chocolate, which made them infinitely superior to normal M&Ms. Obviously.

This is Ken. He smiled very nicely for the camera. But then, he always does. He's very full of himself, wouldn't you say? Barbie wanted to be in the picture too, but Ken said no. Jerk.

 I have a weakness for bubble wrap. It simply begs to be popped. The funnest way to pop it is to take a big fist-full and crush it. There is a burst of snaps and crackles, like a spray of bullets. Very exhilarating. If you like that sort of thing.

I just opened my very own jar of Nutella. I've never bought one before. It is inexplicably delicious and is most excellent eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon. Just don't look at the calories on the back. When it comes to Nutella, ignorance is bliss.

I almost always have a book with me. I read little snatches out of it here and there, usually when I'm eating breakfast or lunch. I also sometimes read the dictionary. But I like the Thesaurus better.

I went outside today. It was about 20ºF. I wore a black wool coat and gloves that turned out to be much too thin. But I survived. I practiced my Viennese Waltz in the driveway. I wonder if any of the neighbors were watching. Probably. Thankfully, it wasn't at my house, so I won't be seeing them any time soon.


Maybe they talk about me. "Have you seen that young woman that babysits the little girl next door? She dances in the driveway. She dances in the driveway. As if that's not strange enough, she also dances around the cul de sac. That's just not normal."

No, my dear people, it isn't. A pity.


Ellie Mae said...

May I just say that I am happy to finally find someone who also reads the dictionary and the thesaurus. This made my day.

Cati said...

1: I miss you.

2: I love dark chocolate MMs

3: I LOVE bubble wrap

4: That book looks fascinating

Papa T said...

Nice to see you back at it, both writing and taking photos. For the record, the dark chocolate is the best. I think you are the one that makes it hard for me to find bubble wrap to use because the bubbles are all gone. Picturing the neighbors as they peek out the window as you spin around the cul de sac. :o)

Kelsie said...

I've never had Nutella... maybe I'll have to try some. :)

I didn't realize you were a nanny. I work as regular babysitter. Kids are so much fun!

Josiah McArdle said...

Like a spray of bullets? Not normal, but very well put :)