The Nannie Diaries: cucumber masks, barbie glamour, vinegar

I'm going to start calling my posts on workdays The Nanny Diaries. The writings of a young woman in her adventures as a nanny.

I use a facial mask at least once a week. It gives me a luxurious five minutes that leaves me feeling like I went to a (really cheap) spa. I put it on the this morning and came out of the bathroom looking rather ghostly, as the mask is pure white and completely opaque. I walked furtively through the house, avoiding the big picture window, The Imagination Movers playing in the background. The garbagemen were about and I didn't want to give anyone nightmares.

This is a bird bath. I suppose birds don't like to take baths in snow. Very clever of them. Seeing it there, abandoned, lonely, next to the deserted bird feeder, was a rather depressing sight.

I wrote in the snow, a message of hope to myself. And the birds. They probably miss their baths terribly. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't take a bath for the whole winter. I would miss people. No one would come near me till spring. Sigh.

This is a doll. I think it's the most adorable doll I've ever seen. I don't know what her name is. Probably Cupcake. Or Lollipop. Or Miss Fuzzy Pink Whipped Cream. Can you tell I ate too much sugar today?

My little charge (K) and I tried out a new experiment. We put baking soda in a casserole dish and then used a medicine dispenser to squirt colored vinegar over top. The result was a foaming sea of tie dye. It was lovely.

Since Ken wouldn't let Barbie get in the picture the other day, Barbie got a glamour shot all her own. Ken sat on the carpet and sulked. We ignored him. That is the best course of action. Sulking, without an audience, dies a swift death. Besides, Ken needs to be taught a few lessons.


Loretta said...

The little doll is soo cute!x


Papa T said...

Once again you bring a smile to my face as I read your writing and picture what you describe (I'm thinking the face mask here). Thank you for sharing your outlook on life with us.

Tallia said...

I can't wait til spring comes!