The Nanny Diaries: melting winter

Winter is melting. Drip by drip, slush by slush. At least, I hope it will stay melted. You see, I'm ready for winter to be done just about the middle of January. After that, I wish spring would get its act together.

When I was outside today, I looked up at the sky. I saw a pure white bird flying in the midst of the deep blue. Pure, unmingled color

Though the snow is slowly disappearing, this poor Little Tikes car is stuck for awhile. No trips to the grocery store. Unfortunately, tires with tread are currently unavailable for Little Tikes vehicles. Too bad.

  "Hey honey, the smart car isn't starting! I'm late for work! I'll miss the meeting! I won't be able to get my Starbucks!"
  "Don't worry dear, just take the Little Tykes car today. The only difference is that you have to push with your feet. It's the same size, right? Right? Dear, that was my toe you just slammed the door on."
***All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Beautiful winter apples with snowy white insides are a lovely snack. I hope it isn't indelicate to show a picture of a half-eaten apple. If it is, I apologize. I have a horror of being indelicate.

This is Pickford. He is a dashboard pig and has travelled far and wide with us. His pink fuzz is faded from getting too much sun and his little cowboy hat has been long lost. He faithfully goes wherever the truck goes, sliding a little around sharp corners, staring ahead steadily. I'm very glad I do not live on a dashboard. It was would be interesting, but decidedly uncomfortable.


Marv said...

It gets hot and humid for several months during the summer here in Texas. Northern relatives visit during these times and ask how do we stand it. And I shrink from 40 degree cold weather. It is all about what one is acclimated to, I suppose. However, I went out in a tank top yesterday and rode my bike in short sleeves a couple days ago.

Papa T said...

Again, thanks for the photos to accompany the words. I actually like the fresh white of the apple. I'm glad you don't live on the dashboard either.