tea, musicals, and...cat ladies

Did you know that besides water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world? I wonder why more people don't drink coffee. I suppose tea is healthier. But coffee, in my opinion, is superior to tea. Especially Starbucks Blonde Roast, my new favorite.

This, if you didn't already know, is Milo. He's part of the male population who are handsome and know it. He literally swaggers.

But I didn't post a picture of him to talk about handsomeness or swaggering. I posted it because he is a cat, and I want to talk about cats.

You see, I am speed-learning a large volume of very hard music, and I have a terrible premonition. The fast-approaching deadline looming over my head, I'll just lose it. I'll turn into a...cat lady. Wild hair, baggy sweaters, dark circles under my eyes. My eyes will be all glazed over and I'll perpetually hum the tunes I'm playing. I'll drink chamomile tea with milk in it because I'll have forgotten that I detest it.

Well, I guess we'll see if my premonition comes true. You will know it has if I start posting pictures of tea and cats and...um, wait a second. I, um, need to go now. I'm going to make sure I don't have dark circles.

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Papa T said...

You are way too young to think about being a "cat lady".