The Nanny Diaries: staring eyes and evil tents

Baby dolls. Some are cute, some are not. But something about them has always bothered me. The staring eyes. Always staring straight ahead, into nothingness. What are they looking at? I'm convinced that they blink as soon as you turn your back.

Warm layers are a very good idea in cold, wet weather. So is a hat. I remembered mittens but forgot a hat, so I had dry hands and very, very wet hair.

Tangled is the one Disney princess movie that I never get tired of. It is superior in every way to Tarzan and Jane, which I was exposed to for the first time recently. It, unlike Tarzan, has wonderful music, great voice acting, and, most importantly, no partially-clothed men swinging through the jungle on vines. Of course, it also has Maximus. Maximus is in a class all his own.

In this picture, I present to you...evil in tent form. I struggled and sweated over this thing for at least half an hour, trying to get the frames through impossibly tiny tunnels of orange nylon. When it was finally up, I stood back and looked at it in utter disgust. And then and there, I solemnly vowed that I would never pass through its gaping mouth as I long as I live.

Well okay, not really, but I'm not planning on going in there. Ever.

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Marv said...

Yeah, Maximus: a class all his own. Relentless, resourceful. Doll eyes: I heard someone describing a shark as having "doll eyes," expressionless, ominous, scary. I have see a few peole like that.