miscellaneous thoughts

Working on an assignment can actually be enjoyable when you do it while sitting on a blanket in the sun. Of course, the glare makes it a little hard to see the computer screen, but you might as well make your Vitamin D sessions profitable.

There is something so beautiful about fire. It is pure, unleashed heat, a burst of raw starlight in the dark. Dangerous, magnificent.

When Milo is window-shopping for birds, he is very, very serious. He places his face as close to the glass as he can without touching his nose to it. Sometimes, when he sees a particularly juicy specimen, he starts making strangled, moaning noises. I guess that's when his primal instincts surface.

I snapped this picture because the lines appealed to me. Wavy lines, knobby lines, contrasted against the sky. Sometimes, lines are exciting. At least, I think so.

This was one of my recent Attempts at Art. I get moods once in awhile where I have this sudden, crazed desire to create something on paper. Afterwards, I decide, once again, I am not an artist and do not draw again for weeks. It is an interesting cycle.

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Kelsie said...

I do the same thing with drawing - for a week i'll practice a lot. Then I decide it's not my gift and move on with my life. And then a few weeks later, I try it again. :P