Some things you should know about me

:: I think dish-washing is therapeutic :: I'm serious. The warm water, the steam and bubbles swirling through the air, the fresh smell of the soap. Of course, I have to admit that the volume of dishes waiting to be washed definitely affects the atmosphere. 

:: I detest making my bed :: The ridiculous thing is that it only takes about two minutes to do it. I know that. And I also know that the room magically looks cleaner when the bed is made. Yet I procrastinate. If I ever got into inventing, I would definitely make an automatic bed-maker. I would call it, The Bed-Maker- It makes itself! Smooth and professional every time. When I get rich and famous, I won't forget you all.

:: Classical music is my bane :: It hates me. I feel small and helpless when I look at a classical piece. It is not nice. So I have to get mad and conquer it with a vengeance. When I finally conquer it, it is a very satisfactory feeling.

:: I have a weakness for nail polish :: I think I have mentioned this in the past. I think it's becoming time to clean out my stash. And do an update. It's definitely in need of an update.

:: I love it when little kids give me drawings :: The pictures are, without fail, very colorful and original. They have character. Most of the subjects represented in the artwork (in my experience) are unidentified, but isn't that the case with most popular modern art?

:: I love rain :: I love the smell. The color of the sky. The sound of it gently pounding on the roof, trickling down the glass, swishing under the car tires. It is beautiful. So beautiful.

:: I think cats are the best pets :: Probably about 95% of the population would disagree with me, but I honestly believe they are. Even when they steal your chair after you walk away from the table for ten seconds. That's what Milo did. He hijacked my chair, curled up and promptly fell asleep.

:: I am a hopeless romantic :: I am one of those girls that like sappy chick flicks. Well, they can't be too sappy. I prefer them to actually have a plot. Those can be difficult to find. One of my favorites is Leap Year with Matthew Goode and Amy Adams. It's set in Ireland, which automatically puts it at the top of my list. I have a weakness for Irish accents.


Marv said...

Love rain too. A long time ago there was a song by Tom T. Hall called "I Love." That song is sort of a list of what "I Love."
Like: "I love honest open smiles, kisses from a child, birds of the world, and squirrels."
Another is "I love losers when they try, winners when they cry, music when it's good, and life. And I love you too."
That is what I got from you post: a sort of laid back love of life. Well done.

Kelsie said...

This post is so like me in so many ways! But I love playing classical piano music... :)

And have you seen You Again? It's my favorite chick flick ever!

Michael Brunson said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Falling of the Rain is a really good song, especially if rain is something you love. Also, Serendipity is a fantastic movie worth checking out.