Some [more things] you should know about me

:: I heat up my cup coffee at least three times :: throughout the course of drinking it. I like it hot enough that I can barely stand it. Besides, by the time I dump in a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and an undisclosed amount of milk, the temperature has cooled to a disagreeable luke-warmish, which is totally unacceptable.

:: Speaking of coffee, :: my go-to drink at Starbucks is a coffee frappuccino. Tall, with whipped cream. Always with whipped cream.

:: My nail polish phase is being replaced :: by a lip-stick collecting phase. Instead of walking out of every store with a new bottle of nail color, now I'm experimenting with lipstick shades. However, good lipstick is not cheap, so I have to take it slow.

:: I actually enjoy reading books that some people would consider dull :: like the dictionary, thesaurus and The Chicago Manual of Style. Books about writing never bore me, whether they are about grammar or creative writing or anything in between.

:: Someday, :: I want to ride in a hot air balloon, visit Dingle peninsula, climb a peak, ride a gondola in Venice, ride a motor cycle, see a show on Broadway, and a whole bunch of other fabulous things. Life is too short to waste on hum-drum days and dull moments. New experiences put a sparkle in our eye and new confidence in our step.

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Ellie Mae said...

Come visit me cause my sleepy little town has a hot air balloon festival every summer!