peach kisses

These are the latest additions in my lipstick/lip balm collection. Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss and Color Whisper in Coral Ambition. I like both of them immensely and they are perfect additions to a summer makeup palette.

Of course, the beginning of summer wouldn't be complete without tasty, cold drinks from Starbucks. Hazelnut Macchiatos are currently one of my top favorites. One downside about having a fairly unusual name is that you have to spell it for the barista every time you go to Starbucks. Sometimes they mix up the letters a little bit and I end up with something like Celea or Cela but who cares? Recently, I (rather brilliantly) realized that you can also use the cardboard sleeves (which are normally used for hot drinks) on cold drinks to avoid freezing your hand. Of course, I usually forget to pick up one of the aforementioned sleeves, but that is beside the point.

I can't quite believe summer is really here. I can't wait for more sunshine, cold lemonade, sunscreen, sidewalk chalk, cool pool water, cook-outs, car windows rolled down, sun hats, picnics, hanging with friends, going barefoot, fresh fruit...

What are you looking forward to most about summer?

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Marvin Dittfurth said...

I noticed the things you looked forward to about summer were the simply things. I mean, rolling the car window down...how much could that cost? I find this quite encouraging, refreshing, like there are reasons to smile ad embrace life and most of the time they are right at our feet.